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K.K haul :)

Whaddup guys?

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mom. We don't really have much time to shop. And we only goes to Segama. So, I only bought few things. But most of it are really cheap. It's not branded item. But who cares, the quality is not bad. haha. Here's what I have bought.

See, I only buy 8 things. But I'm still happy tho. hahaha. 

First picture, it's a simple,plain shirt. What should I call it? t-shirt? blouse? Whatever it is. I really like it. It's cotton and really comfortable to wear. Really love it. I think I don't really have much green clothes. And it was extremely cheap. It's only 19.90 MYR. 
Second pic is a skirt. I think, it's A cut. Correct me if I'm wrong. -_-" I don't know why I choose that type of skirt, and the color. haha . For me, this skirt... seems a little bit dull. It also looks like Batik. I don't know if I really like it. But anyway, I will post my pic when I wear it. For me, the price was. hmmm. Cheap? yeah…

December Wish-List

Hello yaw.

I'm not really good in blogging. I don't really have any idea what to post here. So, I think this is just a random thing to say.....maybe..? I don't know. Hope you guys still enjoy reading my entry. This is my first entry anyway.
So, this is my wish-list for this month. I think I have a lot a lot a lot of things in my list. But I decided to keep it for next month. I don't think I can get all the things in my list. Hopefully I can get one or two things for dis month. 
 *1. Guitar. I don't care whatever color it is. As long as it's a 'Guitar'. I really miss to play guitar. Even tho I'm not good with it..But it's not a prob to learn it. kkkk. Should I buy a new ukulele too...? I saw a purple ukulele. OMG, it's so so so cute. But maybe it's not the right time to have another ukulele.

*2. Polaroid. Is that how you spell it? I'm not sure. haha. I really really wanna try dis thing.  Seems so cool, huh.. haha. I want the panda one. Bu…