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Sandara Park Falling In Love makeup look [Collab w/ Azwa]

Hello gegirlss ♥

Entry kali ni, 2ne1 makeup look collab with Azwa ! wwuuuhhuuuu ♥ Azwa choose CL so, I choose Sandara Park look from 2ne1 m/v Falling In Love.

Enjooyy ~

Let's start the eye makeup‼

1. Eyebrows. Straight eyebrows with brown color brow pencil  2. Base color. Light brown color 3. Gold pearly color 4. Lower lashes . Same gold color 5. Apply bronzer shimmery color 6. Green color

7. Black eyeliner  8. Draw the eyeliner downward (puppy look) 9. Draw another wing 10. This is how it will look like 11. Curl and mascara
Face makeup : 1. Face primer 2. Foundation / BB cream 3. Concealer 4. Bronzer/Blusher 5. Highlight

I suddenly have small chin..pppfff..good job inner neck! No falsies here. False lashes is the most annoying thing in my life,but i still buying it but not wearing it.. So much fun trying this look and also the collab. The lightning is so good, make my face look so flawless leh. Liang liang..hehehe. 

Don't forget to visit Azwa's blog :

Ulzzang Tips ♪

Hello lovely!!

Gonna share with u guys how to become ulzzang ♥

♥ Flawless & Pale Skin ♥
- Skin care is really really important here!! U know, most korean ulzzang really taking care of their  skin seriously. Toner, moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm-all this thing gonna be ur 'best friend'. Don't forget to scrub ur face and apply face mask atleast once a week. ☻

- Choose BB cream that extra pale than ur natural skin. BB cushion also a great choice. Dont forget to cover ur dark circle and any redness on ur face. But dont choose something too oily.

♥ Circle Lens ♥
- Everything is CUTE when it comes to ulzzang. So, wearing circle lens will enlarge ur eyes,like this O.O and make u look even more like a doll.

- Choose something that look natural, not too dramatic. Grey, Brown or Black.

♥ Straight Eyebrows ♥
- Any color will do for ur eyebrow. Better choose color that close to ur hair color. If u wear hijab, dont choose the color that close to ur hijab‼ XD If u really dont have a…

[Tutorial] Arabic Makeup

Hey beauty ♥
My beloved cousin (Ayu) request arabic makeup look. So, here we are.
It was raining outside and its really dark, so I cant use natural light this time. Thats why the lightning is kinda bad here.

1♥ Bare face. moisturize your face and ur lips. 2 ♥ First we gonna start with eyebrow. Draw thicker eyebrow with black or dark brown eyebrow pencil. Brush ur eyebrow downward first then fill in ur eyebrow and brush it again.  3♥ Conceal everything around ur eyebrows. 4♥ Place some tape. *ikut citarasa sendri mcm mna bentuk mau & make sure, sama dkedua2 mata*

5♥ Use black eyeliner/kajal as ur base. Apply it until above ur crease (for small eyes) dont worry if if gets messy. 6♥ And blend it with clean blending brush. 7♥ Apply red eyeshadow from the inner part of ur eyes until the middle part. 8♥ Apply shimmer copper eyeshadow only on the middle part of ur eyes.

9♥ At the outer v, apply dark brown eyeshadow. 10 ♥ Use a blending brush with a little bit of coffee eyeshadow, blend e…