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[Tutorial] Korean Gradient Lips

Haaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ♥♥

Im gonna show u guys my 4 favs way to do my gradient lipsss :3 Super easy! Hope you guys like it!! If u have any makeup request, let me know on the comment box belowwww :)

1. Concealer + Lip Tint ☺

1. Dot concealer around your lips. I am using my missha under eye brightener. 2. Blend it evenly and set it with face powder. U can use finger or concealer brush but better using finger.  3. Apply ur liptint at the center of ur lips. and blend it again using your finger. Im using my peripera peri's tint no. 1

2. Lipstick + Lip Tint ☻

1. Apply your cherry lipstick or any color you want. I choose Silkygirl 07 Sunny Rose.  2. Apply ur lip tint. Make sure the color is match with the lipstick. I use essence gel tint 03 flashy apricot. ♥ This is how i do my gradient lips almost every single day ♥ 

3. Concealer + Lipstick ☺

1. Apply concealer. Dont forget to set with ur face powder. 2. Apply ur choices lipstick. Im using in2it pink alarm 3. Blend the lipstick using ur fin…