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[How-To] Makeup Starter Kit for beginner

hello girls.. and maybe boys..too.

Im doing this 'how-to' entry again! So, if u are someone that loves makeup but didn't know how to start, what to buy, this blogpost definitely for u!! :)

But first thing first, u dont need to buy all the makeup that i show u guys here. ni sekadar contoh ja. And better use a small makeup bag first. u dont need alot of makeup if u are beginner. Also, i will not include brushes or puff or sponge.

For the face::

1. Concealer

If you have dark circle under ur eyes, concealer will be ur best friend! Please choose concealer that match ur skin tone. For drugstore products, i highly recommend maybelline. But i running out of it right now. U can skip this product if u dont have dark circle. but i think most people have it. my dark circle is like crazy! i will look like zombies without wearing concealer xD U can also use concealer to cover the redness around ur nose or anywhere else needed. 
2. BB Cream

BB cream is great for beginner because its li…