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♥ Haul ♥

Yaaaaassss, finally! When was the last time i bought makeup from hermo? I couldn't even remember. I am exxxciited! Let's see what I got.

1. Skin Food Black Sugar Mask 
Everyone is talking bout this product. Mygod! It is a must try korean product girlss. I bought it on sale. From RM44++ I got it on RM28++. I'm not sure the price, well who cares, right. Just click "add to cart". This was one of my 'wishlist products' . I like the smells tho. I should do a review after this. haha. I already used it twice. omaigad ebrebadii! Serious gaiss. It's awesome! Korean says... DAEBAK!

2. A'pieu  Rub In Pistachio Face Mask.
Why I bought this? It is because I really wanna try the clay mask at first. But then, this one over here is much cheaper than the clay mask. It is RM28 only. I started using it last week. I like the result but the smell. maigad. Cannot tahan dengan bau dia >.< I don't like it. Not sure when will I use it again :(

3. Innisfree Smooth L…

♥ Watson Haul ♥

Last week, i went to Watson and bought few things. I was more focusing on sheet mask. Coz I'm having breakouts like crazy. But it's slowly recover now.

1. Sexy Look Mask.
The first sheet mask that I got was this Japanese masks. I got two. I cannot understand whatever it says. But why not try it first. The only thing that I know is the orange one is for acne. I'm not really sure bout the pink one. Last night, I tried it. There was not much essence left in the packaging. But i don't really care bout that. It absorb quite fast actually. The things that I like the most is, it wasn't that sticky. I like this mask. It does moisturize my skin. It doesn't really smell horrible nor sweet. I just not too sure bout the smells.

2. Watsons Facial Mask 
It was like, you buy one RM6++ but if you buy two then you will get cheaper price. And I couldn't remember the price. So, why not just buy two. I tried this sheet masks before..Like a year ago...? I know it is thick. 30ml o…