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♥ Watsons Haul #2 ♥

Hello ladies.
This was supposed to be posted 4 weeks ago but I was busy with work. Let's see what I bought from Watsons.

1. SimplySiti White & Detox Whitening Night Cream
I cannot find any perfect night cream for my skin. So, I just take this. The price is RM27.93 I'm still not so sure bout this night cream. Still cannot say if it is good or not.

2. Beauty Buffet Face Mask by Watsons
Everytime I went to watsons or SaSa, I will at least bought 1 face mask/sheet mask. I've been obsessed with sheet mask lately. I always wanna try a new one. Well, just wanna know which one is better. For this mask, i bought it on RM6.90. Ofcourse I used it, and the result was.. hmm.. what can I say.. I'm not happy with it. It's just too thick and sticky, I'm not comfortable using it. I still need to rinse my face after 10-15 minute using it. Well, this thing on my face for 20minutes actually. I'm not going to repurchase this mask.

3. Silky Girl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm 05 …