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♠ Doll makeup look [YouTube]

I seriously love love love this look. But i think, it will be much better if you wear lens/softlens. Tiba² sy rabun dan xdapat pakai lens :( Tunggu beli lens baru laaaaah! huuaaarrgghhh :'( Tapi dalam tutorial ni, mata sy bengkak . So, fhm² ja lah kalau nampak macam org sakit.

♠ Monolid makeup look [YouTube]

Hai love Another easy makeup tutorial for monolid. Actually kan, even if you are not monolid, you still can do this makeup look. For any event. No falsies! oh yeah.!

♠ Cut crease makeup look [YouTube]

Hai ♥ Hoho, and they say, monolid cannot do the cut crease makeup.  Urrghh, monolid also can do all types of makeup yerrr. And here is my cut crease makeup look. It's not that "perfect" but i tried my best to do this look.  Easy? herrmmm. The falsies is the biggest problem here actually. cis!  Don't forget to subs!! and LIKE my video gais.  Love Love ♥

♠ Simple makeup tutorial [YouTube]

Hello ladies ♥ Long time no see. This is a super simple makeup tutorial for monolid (sebenarnya focus utama tu eyeliner ja)  If you have same monolid / asian eyes, u definitely know the struggle to use eyeliner.  Don't forget to subscribe and LIKE my video gais!!  Thanks love! Hope you gais enjoy watching this

eyebrows tutorial - lukis kening tanpa cukur

Hello lovely ♥

I am BACK with a new tutorial. Don't forget to subscribe and like my video ya. Thank you for watching ♥

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♥ Hello! It's New Year ♥

It's 2017 oledy oo kan. How is your new year? I start with not so "happy" new year. haha. I have lots of problem. Few days ago, I can't even walk. Masalah urat mungkin. Will I have a good "luck" this year? I don't know. I tried to be more positive, but things keep coming to me. And I am so depressed. Move on! I keep telling myself to move on. But I don't know lah. Sy DOWN SANGAT. I try to do my best. Tapi DOWN SANGAT SANGAT SANGAT SANGAT. Urrrggghhhhhh!